Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

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Riding Lawn Mower Reviews

That is usually the case when you are cutting a big yard, so it is really important to choose a mower with a comfortable seat. A high-back seat is very comfortable compared to a low-back seat and it also reduces the chance of having back pain. You don’t have to worry about that if you are going to mow a relatively small yard.

rear motor riding lawn mower

Which means that it will take less time to cut grass in a wide yard. You will also get 5 different height adjustable setting options to control the blades. The rear engine riding mower is so small in size that it won’t even require that much storage space.


It also has a tough welded steel chassis to reduce flexing for a more even cut and a deck washout port for easy cleaning after mowing. It also has a best-in-class rear motor riding lawn mower 18″ turning radius for mowing in and out of difficult spots. Cub Cadet XT1 Enduro Series Kohler Hydrostatic Gas Front-Engine Riding Mower (Lt 42 In. 18 Hp).

Model 1230BEIC ($2,069) has a 30-inch cut with a 12-horsepower engine; model 1230BEIC ($2,269) is the hydrostatic version. Model M1430BVGE ($2,459) has a 30-inch cut with a 14-horsepower engine; model MH1430BVGE ($2,619) is the hydrostatic version. Model M1442BVGE ($2,895) has a 42-inch cut with a 14-horsepower engine. Model 1330HE ($2,699) has a 30-inch cut with a 13-horsepower engine.

What Size Belt Does My 2000 Series Cub Cadet Tractor Use?

Also, the 54-inch cutting deck offers just enough space, allowing the blades to operate freely. Some riding lawn mowers have the ability to mulch-up your clippings. When this happens, the mulched-up clippings are released back into your lawn leaving your lawn with a thin film of short grass clippings. These mulch clippings do your lawn good because they go back into the soil and help fertilize your lawn. This complete guide features reviews of the best cheap riding lawn mowers along with an in-depth buyer’s guide to help you determine which is best for you and your lawn. Who says that keeping your lawn perfectly manicured has to be expensive?

rear motor riding lawn mower

Front engine riding mowers have better power and traction to haul these accessories. Rear engine riding mowers are ideally used only to cut the grass, since their less powerful engines may struggle to pull heavy loads with tow-behind equipment. The speed levels it offers is quite good and even the higher speed of 4.5 mph compares well against other tractor riding lawn mowers. Rear engine riding mowers are already the most affordable riding mower style.

The good news is there are plenty of riding mower types to help cut down on the time and energy it takes to keep up with lawn care this summer, especially if you have more than a half-acre of land. Some even make it enjoyable (hello, cruise control and cup holders!). Whether you’re looking for gas or battery-powered tractor, rear-engine, or zero-turn mower, we’ve researched and tested some of the top riding mowers this season. With their smaller engines and mowing swaths , rear-engine riders are best for lawns a half acre in size or less. At those prices you can get a high-end walk-behind mower or a capable lawn tractor.

  • As with any type of power equipment, carelessness or error on the part of the operator can result in serious injury.
  • You can store and service all models in a convenient upright position.
  • Side discharged clippings are released back onto your lawn through a side discharge funnel.
  • Not to mention that it operates quietly—ideal for mowing in the early morning—and gives off no carbon emissions.
  • Your riding lawn mower’s engine needs to produce sufficient power to navigate your property and deliver a precise cut.

Hydrostatic transmission, power steering and power deck lift are usually standard. A hydrostatic transmission, which allows you to control the speed by pedal, comes standard on many models. They are also the biggest lawn-mower type and require a lot of storage room. The large engine on a garden tractor also means that there is less visibility when driving. If you are looking for power, durability, and ease of use, all pieced together in a modern hi-tech product, then we gladly recommend the Snapper . It even features a mulching option, which makes it one of the complete lawn edgers out there.

The Best Way To Keep Larger Lawns In Top Shape

The engine is placed towards the front of the machine, which makes it hard for you to see over when steering. Rear-engine riding lawn mowers are becoming increasingly less popular, and most rear motor riding lawn mower buyers prefer a zero-turning riding lawn mower for their ability to turn on a dime. For work on a flat surface, the best rear engine riding mower with an automatic gearbox is suitable.

Others provide limited warranties of up to three years, depending on defects reported on tractors. While you ride a mower for hills, the discharge chutes must be pointed away from pets and people. The cruise control feature of your handlebar also adds up to the efficiency of your mowing machine.

Snapper 360z 42 Inch Zero Turn Riding Lawn Mower

According to some users, this mower is relatively faster than other mowers in the same price range. Once fully charged, the battery can run the mower for up to 2.5 hours. The rear engine rider’s small footprint is easy to maneuver through tight spaces and fits neatly in your garage.

AGM batteries need to be stored in temperatures between freezing and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and periodically charged when stored for more than a month. They are much larger and heavier than Lithium-Ion batteries. A number of new all-electric ride on mowers entered the market in the last year and I’ll help you find the best one for you. The Ariens also features a hydrostatic transmission for smooth and effortless operation, along with a fully welded 1.5″ x 1.5″ vibration reducing steel frame which provides a more comfortable ride. Edwin George uses the engine from his wife’s washing machine to create the first gas-powered walk-behind mower.

Electric Riding Mower

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